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Key Concepts

  • Mapping die lines using Die Import Wizard

  • Die Import Presets

  • Changing die line mappings in Product View

Required modules

  • CAD

Sample Files

Note: If you are starting with this lesson and are not using the lessons in order, you must first import the correct libraries archive found in the lesson folder. In the preferences panel under ‘Diagnostics’ click the ‘Import Libraries’ button and choose ‘library-lesson-8.phxlib

1. Import Problematic CF2 Die Template

Step 1 Create new job by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the upper left portion of the Artboard or by selecting “New Job” from the File menu.

Step 2 Apply B1 Press by dragging the press from the Press panel onto the Artboard.

Step 3 – Go to File menu and select “Place Die Template...”

Step 4 In the File Dialog, select quackers-carton-problem.cf2 from this lesson’s folder and click “Open”

The Die layout will be imported but notice the imported die is missing crease lines

Step 5 Press Control Z to undo Die Template import

Step 6 – Go to File menu and select “Place using Die Import Wizard...” then select quackers- carton-problem.cf2 in file menu and click “Open”

Alternative: Hold Control key while dropping file into Phoenix will also open the file in Die Import Wizard

Note: The Die template will now be opened in the Die Import Wizard, which will allow you to interactively edit line mappings

Step 7 – At the top of the Preview Section, click on the dropdown and select the Design to make it easier to change line mappings of the die

Note: You can skip this step and define mappings directly on the layout

Step 8 – Right click on one of the grey crease lines in the Preview area and select Crease to map line type 51 to a crease line on import

Alternative: You can create mappings directly in the Line Mappings table by clicking the ‘+’ button on the bottom of the table and specifying CFF2 line type and line to map to

Step 9 In the Preview section, switch back to Layout in the dropdown to look at the whole Die template and make sure everything looks right

Step 10 (Optional) This custom line mapping can be saved as a name import preset to be usedagain in the future. To do so, go to Import Preset section and click on “Save Preset”

In the Save preset dialog type in the name “Crease Alt” and click “Ok” to save the preset for futureuse

Step 11 – Click “Done” in the Die Import Wizard to import the Die Template into the current job with correct crease lines

2. Change Line Mappings in Product View

After the Die Template has been imported into Phoenix it is possible to change individual lines in the product die to other line types.

Step 1 – Right click on the template and select ‘Create Empty Products’

Step 2 – Right click on the template and select ‘Ungroup’

Step 3 – Click on the Product button in the Artboard or double-click on the product in the Products Panel to enter Product View

Step 4 – In the Artboard Toolbar, click on the Edit Die Design button

Step 5 – In top-left flap of carton, click and drag the mouse to select crease lines of the curved slit

Step 6 – At the top of the Artboard, go to Line Type dropdown and change the type from “Crease” to “Cut”

Step 7 At the top left of the Artboard, click “Done” to apply the change and go back to normalmode

All instances of the product will be updated in the job

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