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Key Concepts

  • Using empty products to generate layouts/estimates without artwork

  • Running Plan tool to find the best product placements across multiple layouts

  • Creating a custom profile in Imposition AI

  • Setting a limit on the how long the ganging runs for

  • Limiting unique products in layouts generated by Plan

Required modules

  • Imposition AI

Sample Files

Note: If you are starting with this lesson and are not using the lessons in order, you must first import the correct libraries archive found in the lesson folder. In the preferences panelunder ‘Diagnostics’ click the ‘Import Libraries’ button and choose ‘library-lesson-8.phxlib

1. Import Empty Products from CSV Spreadsheet

Step 1 – Create new job by clicking on the ‘+’ sign in the upper left portion of the Artboard or by selecting “New Job” from the File menu.

Step 2 – In Phoenix, go to the File menu and select “Import Products from CSV...”

Alternative: Click on the context menu icon in the upper-left corner of the Products Panel and select “Import Products from CSV...”

Step 3 In the file dialog select postcards.csv and click “Open”

Step 4 The Import Products dialog will appear next. Click “OK” to use the Standard preset since this CSV is using standard column names.

Step 5 Wait for CSV import to complete and review the list of products. You should have 60 new rectangular products in the job ready for ganging.

2. Run Plan

Plan is the most powerful tool in Phoenix Imposition AI. It can pack products across multiple layouts using different press and stock combinations to find the most cost effective layouts possible. In the Imposition AI window you can sort your results by lowest cost, waste, sheet usage, press time, or run length.

Step 1 – Go to the Window menu and select Imposition AI, then click on ‘Plan’ in the Imposition AIwindow.

Alternative: Go to the Tools menu and select “Plan...” or click on the Plan icon in the ganging tool bar

Step 2 In the Imposition AI window under ‘Presses, make sure the “B1 Press” and “Digital Press”are checked.

Step 3 Under ‘Sheets, make sure that “Select All” is checked to select all sheets.

Step 4 – Under profiles, click the edit button next to ‘default in the drop down.

Step 5 In the strategies section make sure that only ‘Horizontal Cut’ is checked. Change the name to ‘Horizontal Cut’ and click OK to save the new profile.

Step 6 In the Imposition AI window under ‘Stopping Params’ ensure that ‘Enable is checked and change the Stop after (minutes) setting from 15 to 2.

Step 7 – Click “Run” to start Plan. Layouts will start appearing as they are being generated.

Step 8 Since the stopping parameters is set to stop after 2 minutes, Plan will finish even if it has not found all the possible layouts for the Job. When the Plan tool is finished, view the results in the Imposition AI window.

Note 1: Since the Horizontal Cut strategy was selected in the profile, all of the generated layouts obey this rule allowing for horizontal cuts across the full sheet

Step 9 Apply the top layout by double clicking on it in the Imposition AI window.

Notice how the results use the same press and sheet size for each layout.

3. Re-run Plan with more products

Step 1- From the File menu select “New Empty Product” or click on the context menu icon in the upper-left corner of the Products Panel and select “New Empty Product”. Set the width to 140 mm and the height to 280 mm. Set the stock to Paperboard 24pt. Click OK to create the new product.

Step 2 Rerun the plan tool by clicking run in the Imposition AI window.

Step 3 Double click on the top most result after the plan tool has finished.

Notice how the last layout has a different press and stock than the others

4. Create a New Profile

Step 1 – Under ‘Profiles’, in the Imposition AI window, click on the edit button next to Horizontal Cut.

Step 2 Check ‘Limit unique products per layout’ and change the number to 8

Step 3 Change the name to ‘Horizontal Cut – 8 Productsand click ok to save a new profile

Step 4 Click ‘run‘ to re-run Plan.

New layouts will be generated ensuring that no layout exceeds the 8 unique product limit.

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