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Key Concepts

  • Generating Tech Reports to help diagnose problems in the field

  • Enabling and disabling Diagnostics Mode

Required modules

  • None

Sample Files

  • None

1. Generating Tech Reports

When unexpected results or a crash is encountered in Phoenix, the first step is to save a Tech Report. This report contains a number of different logs and status of the Phoenix application and will help the support staff diagnose the root cause of the problem.

If the problem is reproducable, it’s best to turn on Diagnostics Mode first, reproduce the problem again, and then export the Tech Report. Diagnostics Mode will turn on more logging within Phoenix, giving support staff more information to help identify and resolve the issue.

One important note: make sure to turn Diagnostics Mode back off when resuming normal operation of Phoenix to avoid having a negative effect on overall performance.

Step 1 In Phoenix on Windows, go to the Edit menu and select “Settings”. On MacOS, go to the Phoenix menu and select “Preferences...”

Step 2 – In the Preferences dialog select “Diagnostics” in the list on the left-hand side.

Step 3 – To turn on Diagnostics Mode, click on the “Diagnostics Mode Off” button. The button should now read “Diagnostics Mode On”

Step 4 Reproduce the problem within Phoenix

Step 5 Go back to the Preferences menu and select Diagnostics. Click on the “Export Tech Report” button to export a tech report and send to support staff

Step 6 Make sure to turn off Diagnostics Mode again when you are done. Go back to the Preferences menu and select Diagnostics. Click on “Diagnostics Mode On” until it reads “Diagnostics Mode Off” again.

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