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Key Concepts

  • Editing Press

  • Associating Smart Marks with a Press

  • Using Items Panel

Required modules

  • None

Sample Files

  • None

Note: If you are starting with this lesson and are not using the lessons in order, you must first import the correct libraries archive found in the lesson folder. In the preferences panel under ‘Diagnostics’ click the ‘Import Libraries’ button and choose ‘library-lesson-7.phxlib

1. Add Smart Marks to Press

Smart marks can be associated with a press to save time and ensure required marks are always present when that press is being used in the job.

Step 1 Go to Presses Panel, right-click on “B1 Press” and click on “Edit...”Alternative: Double-click on “B1 Press” to edit

Step 2 Click on the fifth tab “Marks” to associate marks with the press

Step 3 – Click the “Add” button in the lower-left corner of the dialog

Step 4 In the Add Marks dialog, scroll down to the bottom of the marks list, hold Control key and select the following marks from the previous lessons:


Step 5 – Click “Ok” to add marks to the press

Step 6 – In the Marks table, change Side values from “Both” to “Front” for PLATE_PROOF,PLATE_TXT_LG, PLATE_TXT, and SHEET_CLRBR marks

Step 7 – Click “Ok” to save changes to the press

2. Apply Press

Step 1 – Create new job by clicking on ‘+’ sign in the upper left portion of the Artboard or by selecting “New Job” from the File menu.

Step 2 Apply B1 Press by dragging the press from the Press panel onto the Artboard.

Step 3 Go to Items Panel and check to see all marks associated with the press have been added automatically to the job by looking in the Marks section

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