# Tilia Cloud Overview

tilia Cloud licenses allow you to manage, distribute, and set up licenses online. You can create an unlimited number of users for your organization and define exactly who can and can't have access to your licenses.

tilia Cloud licenses use the concepts of Users, Roles, and Tags.

# Users

Users are unique logins for each person. A user consists of an Email, Name, Role, and can be assigned Tags. The Account Administrator will create separate users for each person that will use the licenses, which they will use to log in to the application to authenticate and consume a license.

# Roles

Each user will have one of two roles - either they are an Account Administrator or a User:

  • Account Administrator - Users assigned this role have the ability to create new users, edit users (including assigning tags), and delete users.
  • User - Users assigned this role are regular users that can consume licenses. They can make changes to their own profile like editing email address, title, and description, but cannot assign tags or modify other users.

# Tags

Tags are how licenses are tagged, or assigned, to users. Tags are created in the Tags page of IAM (Identity & Access Management) on Tilia Cloud, and then they can be assigned to licenses and to users. For example, you can create a tag called "Estimating" that is assigned to each of your users that are Estimators, and then specify the "Estimating" tag for one of your licenses. Now, each of the users assigned that tag can consume that license, as long as it's not already being consumed.

# Setup

The first time you log into Tilia Cloud, you will see the landing page that looks like the screenshot below.

tilia Cloud landing

To configure tilia Cloud, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the App Menu button and choose IAM (Identity & Access Management)

tilia Cloud IAM

  1. You will now see the IAM Users page. You will see your user displayed in the User Details as User number 1, with the role set to Account Administrator. See below for a brief overview of this page:

tilia Cloud overview

1. Page Navigation - Toggle between the Users, Roles, and Tags pages of IAM
2. App Menu - Select an App, either IAM or Licensing
3. User Profile - Access your profile or log out of tilia Cloud
4. New User button - Create a new user
5. Edit User - Access the user settings for an individual user
6. User Details - View details for each user

  1. Click on the Tags button to go to to the IAM Tags page. Here you will create one or more tags. Click on [+ New Tag] to create a tag and give it a unique name and description, and then click Create tag.

tilia Cloud create tag

  1. You will now see the IAM Tag page with your new tag added. You can click the Edit button at the far right of the tag entry to modify the tag name and description, or to delete the tag. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for any additional tags you wish to create, and then navigate back to the Users page.

  2. Click on [+ New User] to add a user and fill in their first name, last name and email.

tilia Cloud create user

Once you click Create user, an email is automatically sent to the user to activate their account and set their password. Until that time, the Status in the User Details will indicate that user is Pending.

tilia Cloud email

  1. Now that the user is created, you can edit the user. You can optionally specify their Title and Description, but most importantly you can specify the User Role and Tags.

tilia Cloud create user

  1. Click Select role and select the role for this user. Remember that Account Administrators can use licenses as well, but they have the additional permission to manage users and licenses.

  2. Click Specify tags and choose the tag(s) for this user. Now the user is configured and ready to go. The last thing to do is Specify which license tags are applied to each license.

  3. Navigate to the License page by clicking on the App Menu and selecting License. This page shows an overview of each license you have access to.

  4. For a given license, select the edit button to see the details for the license. Here you can see the licensed product, any Addons, the Activate Key, and if any user is currently consuming the license. At the bottom of the page, click Specify tags. Choose the tag(s) that you want to be able to consume this license, and finally click Save Changes.

Last Updated: 2/16/2022, 11:54:03 PM