# How To Find The Length Of Rule Or Die In A Layout

You may want to know the total length of a layout's cut path or rule. This article will guide you to where you can find this layout property.

# Step 1

Generate a layout using any method (i.e. Imposition AI, Impose, manually)

# Step 2

Click on the "Layouts" tab to open your Layouts Panel. This can be found by default on the left side of the page at the bottom of the Products Panel window. If you have closed the Layouts Panel you can open it again by navigating to Windows > Layouts in the application menu bar.

# Step 3

Select a layout from this list. The Properties Panel on the right side of the screen will now reflect information about the overall layout.

# Step 4

Scroll down through the layout properties in the Properties Panel until you find "Cut Length" and "Crease Length"

Last Updated: 11/17/2020, 12:39:44 PM