# Getting Started with the RESTful API

# Step 1 - Install Phoenix

Download and run the MSI.

# Step 2 - Enter License

Enter the provided license key in the Licensing dialog when Phoenix first starts up or at any time by clicking on "Licensing…" from the Help menu.

# Step 3 - Open Automation Panel

Go to the Windows menu and click on "Automation". The Automation Panel should appear in the upper-left area of Phoenix.

# Step 4 – Start REST Service

Right click on the REST Service entry in the Automation Panel and click "Start" from the context menu to start the service. You are now ready to start talking to the service via http://HOSTNAME:8022/phoenix where HOSTNAME is the hostname or IP address of your computer.


If you are accessing the service from the same computer you can use localhost as the hostname, e.g.:


Note: If you would like the REST Service to start automatically when Phoenix launches, select "Auto Start" from the context menu.

# Step 5 – Open Live Documentation

To open the interactive documentation for the REST API in your default browser, start the REST Service in the previous step and wait until Status has changed to "Started". Next, right click on the REST Service entry again and click on "Live Documentation…"

# Step 6 – Call API from Live Documentation

The "Phoenix REST API" web site should appear in your browser. Click on an operation name to expand. You can then fill in the JSON or XML to form a request along with parameters in the URL. Clicking on "Trying it out!" will make the actual call to the REST Service at which point you will see the response coming back.

Last Updated: 2/15/2021, 5:13:35 PM