# Configuration

This configuration page will guide you through each part of Phoenix and the various ways that Phoenix can be configured.

Phoenix is built around the idea of modeling your production environment, so Phoenix must be configured to represent how your environment is currently set up. This includes the following, which are explained in detail below:

Phoenix has the ability to import and export each of these configuration libraries via a single library archive file, in the format .phxlib. You can import and export your Phoenix Libraries from the Preferences dialog, under the Diagnostics tab. Exporting your libraries will create a single .phxlib file, containing all of your libraries. You can import these .phxlib archives as well, but do keep in mind that by importing libraries you will overwrite all existing libraries with what is in the imported .phxlib. Phoenix also has ability to Merge Libraries, which will combine the contents of two separate Libraries. Before performing a Merge Libraries function, it is recommended to first create a backup of the current libraries by exporting them.

In addition to importing and exporting all of your libraries, Phoenix 7.0 enables you to import and export individual libraries. You can do this from each individual library's panel under the dropdown menu. These panels also make the library searchable, making it easier than ever to find the item you're looking for.

Last Updated: 6/22/2023, 3:19:00 PM